Dersingham VA Primary and Nursery School

Sports Council







  • To help make sport and physical activity accessible to all children
  • To give pupils a voice and a way to help organise sporting initiatives


There will be two representatives from each class from Year 3- Year 6. KS1 and Early Years class teachers will receive minutes and talk to their children about sporting events. Children’s ideas will be collected and shared at the Sports-Council meetings and members will report back to their classes.

The link teacher will be Mrs Picton, who will also help the council organise sporting activities.

Sports-Council Elections

  • Elections will take place once a year at the beginning of term
  • Each KS2 class will be given application forms or children will devise their own application form
  • Children will have a secret ballot in class to choose their class reps


  • Meetings will be held once every half-term
  • More meetings will happen if there is something important to discuss
  • The adults will help, but not run the meetings
  • Children will take it in turns to chair the meetings
  • Any other adults can come to the meetings if invited by the Sports Council
  • Sports-Council and Student Council may sometimes have joint meetings to organise big events

Sports Council Representatives


Sports Council's Roles & Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of Sports-Council members are to: 

  • take part in Sports-Council discussions
  • represent their class at all Sports-Council meetings
  • consider the views of the pupils they represent when they make decisions
  • report back to their class after Sports-Council meetings 

The adult will help at the meetings, but the children on the Council have full responsibility for making decisions and organising events.  It is the Sports-Council reps responsibility to: 

Set a good example to other pupils by:

  • taking care of sports equipment
  • keeping the shed equipment tidy and in good repair
  • living a healthy lifestyle
  • being positive about physical activity of any kind
  • supporting all children with physical activity no matter what their ability, age, or whether they are a boy or a girl

In addition the Sports-Council reps will:

  • talk with the Headteacher and other staff members when introducing new ideas
  • share sporting ideas and involve pupils, staff, parents, other schools and the wider community
  • help the link teacher deal with letters and ideas to do with sporting issues
  • help to encourage more children to join in sport, especially those who are less active