Dersingham VA Primary and Nursery School

School Council

Student Council Constitution


  • To help make school life better for everyone
  • To care of everyone in our school community
  • To give pupils a voice and a way of helping to make decisions in school


There will be two representatives from each class from Years 1-6.  Nursery and Reception class teachers will receive minutes and talk to their children about what went on at the meeting. Children’s ideas will be collected and shared at the Student-Council meetings and members will report back to their classes. The link teacher is Mrs Picton.


Student Council Elections

  • Elections will be held once a year at the beginning of the term.
  • Each class will hold an election
  • Pupils can fill in an application form or do a presentation to the class
  • All children will have a vote by secret ballot


  • The Student Council will meet at least once every half-term
  • More meetings will happen when there is something important to discuss
  • The link teacher will help at the meetings, but the children will run them
  • Children will take turns to chair the meetings
  • Any other adults can attend the meeting if invited by the Student Council

School Council Class Representatives


Student Council Class Representatives