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homelearning grid 27th March

Morning Everyone

Its such a beautiful day today. Take your learning outside. Why don't you spend the day in your garden. Use your super senses... What can you smell? What can you see? What can you hear? This week you have hopefully being doing a little bit of work on collecting data, making a tally and making graphs. Go on a mini beast hunt. Make a tally and a graph independently to show what you have found. You could look very carefully at what you have seen. Write about how the creature moves, describe what you can see. Pretend you are a scientist, re- name the creature and create a fact file with your observations.You could paint or sketch and then add labels. Have a mini beast race, measure and time the distance they travel. Make a mini habitat in a corner using twigs and leaves for them to feel comfortable in. Make signs, a path be creative! Sit still close your eyes and just listen, you will be surprised at what you can hear. Can you identify any wildlife without seeing it? I have been out already today and have found lots of bees around a blossom tree, I am going to sketch what I see and start my very own tally chart and timed graph. I wonder if tomorrow they will still be there?

Mrs T