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Year 2

W/C 13th July: Ride of Passage topic

We are starting a new topic called Ride of Passage this week - there are various links within the slides below for both literacy and topic ideas. It links with the concept of a 'rite of passage' - moving forwards and onwards with your life, much like school transitions!



Additionally, there are some great daily literacy lessons and videos on BBC Bitesize:

Ride Of Passage

W/C 13th July: Maths

We are continuing time reading this week, on week 12 of the White Rose Maths. WE HAVE NOT COVERED TIME SO FAR THIS YEAR AND IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT - ANY PRACTICE YOU CAN DO AT HOME IS SO USEFUL!!!

The video links and worksheets are all below. I have included the same few extra sheets again as we only used one of them in school, for either more practice or if you want something a little more challenging. There are no worksheets for Fridays, but the BBC bitesize website offers problem challenges nearer the time. The first 2 are most suitable for Y2! 


You can also use/set up your account on Prodigy Maths to practise number facts in other fun ways, and share maths worlds with your friends once you have created your own avatar! The class code for Y2 is 8527F1.

W/C 13th July: Spelling

Use the Spelling Frame website to practise Rule 2, by copying and pasting the link below:


Alternatively, the words this week are below. The children can simply copy the words down in their books each day, use rainbow colours, write the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in a different colour to the consonants, write the words linked up in a cross word etc.












Reading Comprehension Question Starter sheet: suggested questions to ask your child when you read together each day.