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Who's Who

Sowing the seeds for Success through strength of heart, mind and community


A Team Effort


Our dedicated staff team provide high-quality care and education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.


School Staff


Mrs Gayle Platt – Headteacher/SENCO

Mrs Sarah Harmer - Senior Teacher - Pupil Progress

Mrs Sue Picton - Senior Teacher - Pupil Wellbeing

Mrs Jane Kendal - Senior Teacher - Early Years Lead




Pre-School / Nursery 2 years - 4 years

Claire, Denise, Sarah, Jane and Annie


Reception Classes 

Gemma, Margaret, Sue


Year 1 Class

Mrs Picton - Class teacher, Mrs Mann, Miss Burke and Mrs Middernacht



Year 2 Class 

Mrs Taylor - Class teacher, Mrs Gelder, Miss Hopkins-Duckhouse


Year 3 Class

Miss Seaman  - Class teachers, Mrs Easter, Mr Passage


Year 4 Class

Mrs Rimmer / Mrs Wyborn - Class teachers, Mrs White, Mrs Lincoln


Year 5 Class

Mr Platt - Class teacher, Mrs Hopkins-Duckhouse, Mrs Collins


Year 6

Mr Siggins - Class teacher, Mrs Holland

Mrs Harmer - Class teacher, Mrs Booth