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At the Smithdon Cluster of schools we are committed to providing outstanding education for all of our children and young people. We value all of our learners and actively seek to meet their individual needs. At times, this means that some children present with additional needs and some are identified as having special educational needs (SEN.) For learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN,) we may respond to their needs by providing additional support to help them make progress.

There are times where extra ‘support for learning’ may be required, at which point we can approach our Cluster of schools as we now share some resources that were previously held by the Local Authority. We meet as a Cluster every half term to plan the distribution of support for learning across the schools in the Cluster, and to share practice and skills to benefit learners with SEN. If your child has SEN then we will discuss with you their learning needs and the provision they require. Together we can plan the next steps for them. Often this can be adjustments made in class by the Teacher, but sometimes it may be working in small groups practising a skill or following a programme. It maym include time with a Teaching Assistant working in a small group.

Our priority is identifying the best support for learners, which will promote their participation, independence and achievement at school.

We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that all learning needs are met for all of our children.