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Coronavirus Updates for Schools

Parent Guidance - Out of school settings

September 2021

We are excited to welcome you back to school and looking forward to hearing about your summer holiday adventures. Please find below the year group handbooks to help prepare for your child's return.

Any questions please dojo or email me:


31st January 2021

Dear Parents,
I hope you are well as we approach the halfway point of this unusual start to the new year. It’s great to see that so many families are engaging with the work we are providing for those pupils learning from home. None of us can claim that this situation is easy, so we thank you for all you are doing to support your child’s learning. It has been fantastic to see the different work posted on DB primary and Dojo.

We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our provision and support our home learners further, which reflects the age and abilities of our pupils. From tomorrow, we will be completing a daily register for our home learners, this will be part of the morning zoom session. If you are unable to make the zoom session, then please dojo a message to the class teacher to let them know that your child is taking part in learning that day. We can then mark them as attending on the register. I appreciate that if you have more than one child, this requires several children being logged on at one time. We are therefore offering to loan our school chrome books during the lockdown to enable this to happen.

Those children who are attending school on a part-time timetable will also need to register online and complete home learning tasks on the days that they are not in school. This ensures they are ready for learning and have kept up to date when they return to school.

We are asking that children, ideally, send their work back to the teacher every day through photos on dojo or on DB Primary so we can check the learning and provide feedback as necessary. This also helps us plan future activities. If you feel that your child is struggling with an activity, please dojo your teacher as we can ring or offer an additional online catch-up session. If you are unable to send back your work until the end of the week or wish to hand in when you collect a new pack, this is also acceptable.

We will keep in regular contact with you. If we do not hear from you or your child, we will make contact with you to see how we can support your home learning. Printed packs will continue to be available to support the learning that is online and accessible through DB primary.

Our KS2 pupils already have support with high quality live teacher input through zoom, we will start to extend this to our KS1 pupils over the next two weeks in preparation for rolling out short live lessons for our year 1 and 2 pupils.

Mon-Thurs, I will be offering a short live zoom, consisting of a story and a quick game for years 1-4. Invites will be posted on the class dojo page.
Year 1 - 1:00
Year 2 - 1:30
Year 3 - 2:00
Year 4 - 2:30

For year 5 and 6, I will be leading a zoom on Friday, sharing and celebrating the achievements of our home learners and playing a quick interactive game.
Year 5 - 1:30
Year 6 - 2:00

Our early years' pupils will continue to receive the fabulous support through DB primary and Dojo and will have zoom check-ins, with the class teacher, at least three times a week.

Keep up the good work, both children and parents, and thank you for all you are doing.
We’re here to help and support.
Gayle Platt

January 2nd

Following an emergency meeting of the management committee of the governing body, we have made the decision to open for key workers and vulnerable pupils on Monday 4th January and Tuesday 5th January. All other children will access online learning, through DB primary. The full governing body is meeting on the 4th January to discuss this further and will review opening plans in readiness for the 6th January.
This decision has not been taken lightly, but it is paramount that the safety and well-being of our pupils, staff and wider community is at the centre of any decision making.
If you were a critical worker parent before the summer, then you remain on our list and the children can come into school. If you have become a critical worker since then, please email: to share your details as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please email or direct message on dojo.
Thank you in advance for your support during these challenging times.

1st January 2021

Dear Parents,
I would like to wish you and all the families at Dersingham VA Primary School a very Happy New Year. I am writing to you before the Spring Term begins on Monday 4th January 2021.
I hope you all managed to have an enjoyable Christmas catching up with your families in the midst of the worries and restrictions.

Together we have managed to support our school community, keeping everyone safe and still maintaining the positive Dersingham enriched learning experience over the last nine months.

All of us have managed to keep our children safe and I know of the many sacrifices staff and parents have made in balancing their own family difficulties to keep our community as safe as possible.

I know you will continue to be mindful that we have children and staff who are clinically vulnerable and staff who have their own children and family members who are also in this category.

Now we have a new strain of the virus to cope with, we must continue to work as a team and ensure we manage these challenging circumstances that will be coming our way.
Please make sure that you are keeping to your allocated time for drop off and collection for your child. Parents should remain at a safe 2m distance from each other and face masks should be worn when on school grounds.
Please also make sure that only essential items come into school from home, a packed lunch and snack is all that is needed. We will be limiting any items coming home from school and recommend that you quarantine items before you look at them. I would also advise that you have hand sanitiser ready for your children as they come out of school, as although we hand wash in school, this will reduce opportunities for cross-contamination.

I am aware we have a couple of families who have now tested positive, and my thoughts and prayers are with you in wishing you a speedy recovery.

When the rollout of the vaccine begins to have an impact, I am sure that the future will look brighter. While we await this, our strength as a united school community will ensure that safety is paramount and disruption is reduced for all our families. Let's hope that 2021 will be better for all of us.

Yours faithfully

The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health have issued guidance for helping parents make the decision of whether to send back to school.

10th November 2020

Dear All,

Just to make you aware that we have a pupil in year 3 and a pupil in year 5 who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and are both now isolating.  As soon as the school is aware of test results I will, of course, notify parents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind regards

Gayle Platt



18th October 2020

Dear All,
A pupil from the Land of Oz has symptoms of COVID-19 and is now isolating.
They have been for a test and we are hopeful that the results should return soon.
I will, of course, let parents know the outcome as soon as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Kind regards
Gayle Platt

1st October

Just to update, the case in preschool has returned a negative result. 


27th September

Thankfully the case in year 2 has returned a negative result.  I have, however, been advised a child in our preschool is showing signs of one of the symptoms of COVID-19.  They have a test booked and I will let you know as soon as I have the results. 

Thank you



26th September 

The case in year 4 and year 6 of children displaying COVID symptoms has returned a negative test result.

Thank you 

25th September

Please be aware that we have a child with symptoms in Year 4 and Year 6. We will update as soon as we are aware of test results.
Thank you


23rd September

The case in Year 3 and Year 6 have returned a negative test result.
I will update on other results as or when I hear anything.
Kind regards


22nd September 

Suspected Case Covid-19 update
Thankfully, the child in Reception has returned a negative test result.
We are now awaiting results for year 2, 3 and year 6.
All the children with symptoms have gone for testing and results should be back imminently.
Thank you again for your support and understanding. I will update as I have more information.
Kind regards

22nd September 

We have been advised that a pupil in year 6 is currently following isolation rules and will be undergoing testing for  COVID-19.
We would like to reassure you that the school is following nationalguidance and has put in place the Local Authority’s Compliance Code for educational settings to reduce the risk of spreading thevirus. We continue tobe vigilant for any other cases and willupdate you as soon as we are aware of the test results.
Please be reassured that for most people, coronavirus (COVID-19)will be a mild illness.
The setting remains open and providing your child remains wellthey can continue to attend as normal.
Kind regards

21st September

Great news,
The children in year 4 and year 5 have both had negative test results.
However, since then a child in Reception, Year 2 and Year 3 have developed symptoms of high temperature.
The child in year 2 has not been in school for the past week and therefore contact with others has been limited.
All children are going or have already gone for testing.

If your child is isolating due to developing symptoms themselves, or due the household isolation or being identified as a close contact please let us know as soon as possible in the same way you normally report an absence. This will help us to take the right precautions at the setting.

We would like to reassure you that the school is following national guidance and has put in place the Local Authority’s Compliance Code for educational settings to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We continue to be vigilant for any other cases and will update you as soon as we are aware of the test results.

Kind regards

September 18th

Unfortunately, we have a child off with a high temperature in Year 4.
I will keep you updated with results of testing as soon as I hear anything.


September 17th

Updated information, the child in Reception has had a negative result for testing for Covid-19.
This is fantastic news.
Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and understanding.


September 15th

Fantastic news, the test results have come through as negative for the children in year 1 and year 2. We have had a couple of children in year 5 with symptoms and awaiting results, however both of these have since come out as either an other infection or bug, so we are expecting a negative result. We are also awaiting for child to be tested in Reception.
I appreciate that it is worrying times, equally there are, as always colds going around at this time of the year. Please if you have any concerns dojo, email or speak to me on the playground in the morning or at pick up.
I would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support and making the return to school a positive experience for all the children.
Kind regards


September 13

I am afraid that we are still awaiting news on the year 2 cases. One family has only just managed to get a test booked, due to availability of appointments. The results are therefore unlikely to be back until Tuesday or Wednesday. I will let you know as soon as I have more information.


September 12

Just to update parents, the test result for the case in Bewildermuddles, year 1 has come back negative.
We are awaiting results for the case in year 2 and I will update you as soon as I have any further information.


September 11

I need to advise you that we do have a suspected case in school, with Year 1 and two children in year 2.  Parents are trying to access tests for the children, however, testing availability is limited.

The handbooks below have been prepared to help support your child in getting ready to return to school.

As a staff, we are all extremely excited to welcome back all our pupils. We all recognise the importance of children being in school. I am looking forward to seeing the children enjoy the fun learning opportunities we have been preparing and, although it will be slightly different, seeing the excitement and watching them interact with their peers again. Six months has been too long!

Most importantly, we want to make sure the education for our pupils is not disrupted again. It is crucial that we are minimising the risk of transmission of the virus due to increased mixing between groups of children.
The government guidance for parents, updated 20th August, is clear:
"You should discourage your children from mixing with different peer groups outside of the setting."
As we reopen, it is important that we have strict measures to minimise the transmission risk.

Although lockdown measures have eased and the prevalence of coronavirus has decreased, re-opening our schools adds a greater transmission risk to all our families and wider community.
It is vital for our children's wellbeing and education for them to return to school, but we need to balance this by maximising control measures.

As a school, we will increase hygiene and cleaning measures and keep children within their class groups, minimising mixing. We have completed a thorough risk assessment to support the return of our pupils, which is available on our website.

I ask you as parents and carers to support our measures.
- Maintaining social distance when on school grounds
- Keep to the timings for your child's class
- Leave the school grounds as soon as possible
- Ensure a family member drops off and collects your child from school.
- Wherever possible, communicate with the school through dojo or phonecall.

Everyone needs to play their part in keeping our school open and our school community healthy and well.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
I look forward to seeing you all back in school on the 7th September.

Dear Parents / Carers
As a school we are busy thinking of creative ways to support a planned return to school in September, this will include some face to face sessions in school to support the transition, which is likely to run through the summer holidays.

Currently, our thoughts are:
summer outdoor bubble and messy play days
forest school outdoor activities
STEM challenge days
music stay and plays
Lego WeDo and Coding activities
and creative art sessions.

These will be available for all our children from Preschool to Year 6.
Where this happens, the contact will be inline with the current guidance on protective measures and follow our school's risk assessments.
We will confirm plans towards the end of this month following further government guidance later this week.

In the meantime, I have had several requests for further childcare placements. There are serious concerns that having more pupils in school at the current time will contribute to an increase in Covid-19 infections, both among pupils and staff and in their communities. The increase in further pupils accessing school should be carefully planned for.
To help with the planning, please complete this questionnaire.
Questionnaires will need to be received by 12noon 22nd June to enable the school to prepare for the increase in numbers.
Thank you as always for your support, I have been overwhelmed during the past few months with your kind words to all our staff. We are missing you all, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE 29/05/20


Dear parents,
Please find below a letter regarding our phased reopening to school.

I would also like to advise parents that we have a member of staff who is isolating with symptoms of coronavirus. They have been for testing and are awaiting results.

We understand that these are very worrying times for everyone and I am sure you will join me in wishing the member of staff a speedy recovery.
I will, of course, let parents know as soon as we hear results.
Any questions please dojo or email me.
Kind regards

Dear Parents and Carers,
As you are now aware the Government has proposed that schools could begin to reopen for Nursery, Year R, 1 & 6 children on Monday 1st June, ‘at the earliest’.

The school has worked tirelessly to prepare for this next stage. We are looking forward to welcoming our children back, however, we have great concerns over our children and staff's physical and mental well-being and need to be assured that we are in the safest place to be able to fulfil this offer.

Government and local authority guidance is constantly updating, with recommendations changing daily.
The government is due to announce, on Thursday 28th May, the conclusion of the 5 tests to reopen, and further guidance for schools. I wish to respond appropriately to the government's latest guidance as well as finalising our plans for socially distanced classrooms, playground, field and pavements.

Although we are doing our utmost to prepare for the return of children on 2nd June, I am aware that this may be delayed. The school board of governors are holding a virtual meeting on Friday 29th(am) to make a final decision. It is possible that governors will decide that a delay until the 8th June would be the best practice for our school, taking to account locality R rate factors and the latest guidance.
I will endeavour to let parents know as soon as possible.

Please note - this does not affect key worker parents who will continue their childcare arrangments.

Stay safe and please pass on my best wishes to all the children,
Kindest regards
Kind regards

See Something, Hear Something, Say Something

Norfolk County Council is calling on those with concerns about the safety of a child to get in touch as part of a new campaign – See Something, Hear Something, Say Something.

The county-wide campaign encourages neighbours, extended family, those working to provide essential services and volunteers to look out for the county’s children, as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

Schools, nurseries and colleges are currently closed to the vast majority of children. In addition, children cannot currently visit relatives and friends, or go to their usual clubs and activities. They are spending more time behind closed doors and isolated from those who might normally support them. Pressure at home will be greater than usual and the council is concerned that children who might be at risk will not be able to get the help they need.

The campaign, backed by the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership, is calling on communities to help keep Norfolk’s children safe. It is asking for everyone that might still be seeing or hearing children to look out for them. The message is See Something, Hear Something, Say Something. If something doesn’t seem right and if you feel a child or young person may need help you can contact the council on 0344 800 80 20.

Update 16th March 2020

Updated Government advice is for children who have a temperature or persistent cough to remain at home for 14 days. All household members must also remain at home for 14 days.
Further information can be found:

Where a pupil is in self-isolation, in accordance with latest information and advice, the pupil will be recorded as unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances and be authorised.

We are continuing to take every opportunity to remind the children about good personal hygiene and we are supervising the children washing their hands at various key points during the school day.

Your child's education is important and we want to ensure that packs of work/activities/links to websites are given to your child to complete if they are required to stay at home. Please can all parents let the class teacher or office know if your child can access the internet on a tablet or PC.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Update: 12th March 2020

Following the latest Government advice, please do not send your child/children into school if they have a temperature or persistent cough.

Children should remain at home for 7 days.

We also request that if you (parents/carers) have a cough or high temperature that you do not come to school to drop off or pick up your child. You must remain at home for 7 days.

We will continue, at school, with our rigorous daily cleaning and regular hand washing.

We appreciate that these new measures may cause some inconvenience to parents, but during these uncertain times wehave to follow government advice, safeguard children and staff and do everything we can to contain this disease.
Further information can be found here:

Thank you for your co-operation.

Please see below Government Issued advice with regards Coronavirus on 28 Feb 2020.

The  advice given by the Department of Education in association with Public Health England  has been drawn up to assist schools and other educational settings in providing advice for pupils, students, staff and parents or carers.

The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus.

There are general principles anyone can follow to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including:

  • washing your hands often - with soap and water, or use sanitiser if handwashing facilities are not available. This is particularly important after taking public transport
  • covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in a bin. See Catch it, Bin it, Kill it
  • people who feel unwell should stay at home and should not attend work or any education or childcare setting
  • pupils, students, staff and visitors should wash their hands:
    • before leaving home
    • on arrival at school
    • after using the toilet
    • after breaks and sporting activities
    • before food preparation
    • before eating any food, including snacks
    • before leaving school
  • use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surface.


If you are worried about your symptoms or those of a child or colleague, please call NHS 111. Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment


Full information and guidance can be found on the Government website by reading the ‘Guidance - COVID-19: guidance for educational settings’ see link below


Furthermore, please be advised that persons travelling from the countries/areas that have been affected  are to follow the advice noted under Category 1 or Category 2.

Category 1: Travellers should immediately self-isolate, even if asymptomatic, and call NHS 111 to inform of recent travel.

Category 2: Travellers do not need to undertake any special measures, but if they develop symptoms they should self-isolate and call NHS 111.


Full guidance and advice on these categories and maps of the areas that have been affected can be found by following the link below to the information provided by Public Health England 'Guidance COVID-19: Specified countries and areas with implications for returning travellers or visitors arriving in the UK'


If you have travelled to or know of students that have visited these areas or you have any concerns please contact the Headteacher and they will endeavour to provide advice if necessary.

In addition to this information all parents and staff should read the NHS Information Sheet regarding Coronavirus by clicking the link below:

Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus in China, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms can be found in 'Guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice' published by Gov.UK please link on the link below to view: